At your hardest moments in your journey of quitting smoking, this app will help you get through.
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How it works

How it works.

Smokefree is a new, cutting edge application aiming to assist the person who wants to stop smoking. It is based on valid and tested psychological premises that are used to support one's journey towards a life free from the bondage to smoking. It acts as a "red button" that will assist you in moments of cravings and will give you knowledge to handle them.
    This application has 4 major elements:
  • It is practical: it allows you to calculate things like the money you have saved since you stopped smoking, the amount of tar and nicotine you have set yourself free from and more.
  • It is motivational: It reminds you who you are doing this for and gives you encouragement to keep going when the going gets tough. It is your place to go when you are facing a hard moment with smoke cravings.
  • It helps you commit to your decision: Specially designed tasks have been created based on the science of psychology that are designed to help you create a more solid foundation in your brain for your decision to stop smoking.
  • It is educational: It gives you useful insights on what to expect and how to handle it. This part taps into a variety of subjects such as: the psychology of will power, what is causing you cravings, the psychology of habit formation, neuropsychology and more. Knowledge is power and this part is giving you the appropriate knowledge to have power over your decision!
We hope you enjoy it

Your thoughts before your smokes, MATTER!

...and can make all the difference in your smoking rituals

Let’s get to the root of things here. Have you ever noticed at what times of the day, or under which circumstances you are most motivated to smoke? Have you ever tried to notice it? If you pay attention, you will realize that most of the times, you want to smoke because of one of the following reasons:

  • Because you are anxious about something
  • Because you need to put your stress under control
  • To soothe yourself
  • To bring balance to an emotional disturbance
  • Just because it is a ritual (eg. Smoking after lunch)

The same reasons that are motivating you to smoke are the same reasons that are undermining your attempts to stop smoking. You made a habit of calming yourself down with a smoke and you made a habit of smoking on specific times of the day, and now you want to break that bad habit.

Psychological factors play a major role in your smoking routine. The first step is identifying the root psychological causes that lead your hand to fire yet another cigarette.

What are you thinking when you are lighting it?

What are you expecting it to create within yourself while you are smoking it?

Answer these questions, and find what external factors cause you to need to smoke that cigarette. Keep them in mind. It is those reasons that you have to address and focus on, instead of focusing on self-discipline alone.

Learn how to deal with the difficulties and the things that stress you out in life instead of learning how to control your desire to smoke when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

If you are committed to quit smoking, you have to bear the aforementioned facts in mind. And you have to fight for breaking this bad habit. Of course you won’t be alone in this journey. You have us, to support you. Don’t take us lightly. Follow the instructions and complete the tasks wholeheartedly.

The action plan is simple, and it works. But you have to remember; nothing can replace your determination and persistence. If you fight for this, we can guarantee you that you will come out a better person not only by being healthier, but also being a stronger and happier person in general.

Breaking The Anchors

You want to stop smoking. You really want to, but every time you are done with lunch you just HAVE TO make that smoke! It’s already feel it in your mouth once you are done eating...

In neuro-linguistic programming in psychology, there is a phenomenon described, called «anchoring».

Anchoring is a phenomenon where two events, when repeated together for a while, start to also stick together and be perceived inseparable in one’s mind. That way, when the first event occurs, the subconscious mind recalls and directly requests the second one. A good example is when you visit a place a lot with your boyfriend/girlfriend. When you break up, and you are about to visit that place again, you will automatically and helplessly think of your ex again, because your mind has anchored that place with that face.

In the case when these two events are habits, the subconscious mind connects both events into one, united event. That means that when you perform the first habit (eg. eating) your subconscious mind does not separate it from the second event (eg. Smoking), and imposes you to continue the structure that you have taught it (eg, you eat then you smoke. Your brain makes this thinking process automatic).

Now, how can you break anchors?

First, you have to identify the occasions where there is anchoring. Do you tend to smoke every morning before you go to work? Do you smoke after meals? At the work breaks? All these, if they are performed on a habitual basis, have created anchors.

Once you have identified them, decide to just remove the connection between them. Perform the same habits, but NOT together anymore. That means that if you want to disconnect a meal with a smoke decide on one day to smoke 1 hour after lunch instead of immediately after lunch. The next day decide to smoke before lunch than after lunch. Scatter the time that you decide to smoke every day at and be aware not to create new anchors trying to break the old ones. That will make your process of deciding to quit a lot more easy when you decide to remove cigarettes from your life altogether.

When to decide to quit smoking

When someone decides to quit smoking on a good day, when his spirits are up and he has confidence in his decision, he can do it easily and keep up because his willpower is at a strong state. When you are on a good day, you have good moods, and your willpower tends to be very much under your control. It is very rare for someone to compromise his willpower on a day like this.

There is a significant downside to the above scenario. When a bad day arrives ( as they always do, they come and go), one’s confidence tends to get affected, and the willpower tends to get weaker. It becomes then so easy to just give up on that bad day and indulge on the desire to have just another smoke. After all, there is only so much one can take.

Decide to quit smoking on a bad, BAD day. Doing it on a day when your confidence and willpower is down, will give you a much more solid basis to start from. If you make it, and you really decide to do it on a bad day then you will have the strength to face and go through all the other days. When you take a decision on a day with low willpower every other day seems easier, because you will be having more willpower than what you had on that bad one. Add to that, that a sense of empowerment will come right back at you and you will start taking into your hands not only your smoking habit situation, but also the circumstances that turned your day into a bad event!

Our Team

Below, is our team of experts that developed and continually improve SmokeFree:

Professor Gourgoulianis Konstantinos MD, Ph.D

Kalkanis Alexandros MD

Lekati Christina, Psychologist

Anagnostakis Konstantinos
GM -

University of Thessaly, department of respiratory medicine, Larisa, Greece

Developers note.

You want to give up on those cigarettes. You really want to, but so many times throughout the day they become a pervasive thought that doesn’t let you move on, expect you smoke one. You can try you even have already tried to give it up, but then, what? It is not easy. Most of the times you don’t know what to expect from yourself! How will you be able deal with the cravings? How intense are they going to be? What if they mess up with your life? Will you be strong enough? Will you be able to cope with it? You want to make the journey, but you are not sure what you will come across, or how you will handle it.

Well, you are not supposed to. We are. You are only supposed to make a concrete decision, and decide to STICK WITH IT! We take care of the rest. We provide you with the things you have to know about this process. Don’t forget, knowledge is power. We help you stay motivated and we help you persist through the hardships. When you have a hard time with cigarette cravings, we are there for you.

We took special care in developing this app. We used major psychological tools in order to provide you with the knowledge you need to have through this process. Tools to help you commit and persist, break the bad habits, use your willpower in its full potential, and more. All the while, we help you stay hungry on your goal until you succeed and start enjoying life smoke-free!

Come on board with us.

The journey will be worth it.

The developers Team

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